Start planning your dream backyard


Landscaping ideas by styles Courtesy of Techo-Bloc.


Charmed by the natural beauty of a rustic backyard? We’ve rounded up dreamy designs to get you one step closer to gathering around a fire pit for a truly magical setting.



If clutter free visual bliss is calling you, we've got you covered. Contemporary outdoor living takes a controlled and minimalistic approach with clean lines, smooth poolside surfaces and a monochromatic palette. Loungey, chic and sophisticated, the uncluttered, expansive space makes room for all the right vibes.



The grandeur and allure of an traditional backyard is not lost on you; find out how to create your own version of a classic and polished outdoor living space. Walkways, patios and pools are paved with an effortless elegance, and surrounded by natural beauty.


Exotic & Eclectic

Set the stage for a perfect summer escape right in your own backyard. An eclectic & exotic-themed outdoor living space share the same style secret: the desire to escape