If you are looking for an alternative to wood decking, composite is the perfect solution with the many benefits it provides. The most desired characteristic of composite decking is its little to zero maintenance.

What is Composite?

Composite is made from wood (sawdust or wood fiber) and plastic. It is generally heavier than wood, but not as strong. A benefit of composite is that it uses a high content of recycled plastic. The wood to plastic ratio varies, but it usually contains more wood than plastic. The two types of composite are:

  • Solid – Looks like real wood.
  • Hollow – Looks more man-made, but doesn’t change shape as much as solid composite

Why Composite?

Not only does a composite deck require very little maintenance, it is also very durable and lasts a long time. If you want to avoid re-sealing or staining, composite is the answer. Unlike wood, its shape won’t warp or splinter. It is also resistant to rot and insects.

Another advantage is that it doesn’t need to be painted or stained, yet can be stained if you desire. If you like the look of a classic wood-like deck, composite has that beautiful effect. Its color won’t fade, so it will look as good as new with each cleaning.